Monday, March 22, 2021

Create. Market. Repeat.

As composers, artists, or whatever type of creative you may be, the most challenging thing in finding success is finding the time to do your thing, laser focus to get it done right, and then getting to the ears and eyes that can help your creative career move forward.

The task seems daunting. How do you beat distraction, still make a living, but yet make and get your music out to the world to those who need to hear it so it makes a difference and maybe even brings income?


First you must create your art. This may sound simple, but consistently composing, recording, and preparing your music is key and challenging. This goes for any creative element you may be making. Create. Every. Day. Every. Week.

Maybe you are just making lists of creative ideas, or organizing your creative goals, or planning. Or you are actively creating and putting down ideas in your notebook, computer, or wherever.

The next step is producing those ideas so people can experience them. Producing just means making it for someone else other than you to see or hear. This can be done simply for you to have a recording or to remember it, or it could mean making a final production ready for distribution out to the world.

The key to this is to consistently create. Sit down, make the thing. Then move on to the next one. Or move on to the next thing that we’re talking about here:


This seems like a dirty business word doesn’t it? Marketing. Advertising. Pitching. Yuck. That sounds like a lot of work and not very fun or creative. But if you are hoping to have any success with your music or any creative thing, you HAVE to market it.

This can be as easy as playing a new song for someone in your house, or it could be as daunting as showing off the work at a show in front of real live people. It could mean pitching it to publishers, libraries, labels, or people who can get something happening with what you have made. Or maybe you can make an online channel for your music or art and place it there as you finish each one.

Regardless of how you market, you MUST market if your goal is to make something of your craft. What if you were a great electrician but ever applied for a job as one? Or if you naturally were good with numbers or even a trained mathematician, but never even tried to get a teaching or job that uses math? (Obviously, I am not a mathematician and don't know what they might do!)

Being a creative is no different. Do you know how many people wish they could play guitar or compose a song? Don’t you think if they could they would do it and shout it from the mountaintops?


So in the last two sections I just gave you all you need to be successful as a creative. Make the darn thing, and present the thing to the world. Make it with your phone camera, use an app, use your computer, write it on paper, whatever. Then show someone in the biggest way you can or feel comfortable. Show it to friends and family in person or on Facebook. Make a YouTube channel and build a weekly following. Get out in front of audiences and speak to them with your art. Take your song and pitch it to the someone who can get it on a TV show, movies, or make money commercially.

And repeat.

Being a creative means creating then showing, and after that, creating then showing, and then...well you get the idea.

But only YOU can make this happen, because no one else is you and will do it for you.

Have a great week!

Eric Copeland is a composer, arranger, and producer who creates every day and also focuses on unique ways to get his art out there. If you need help getting your music out there in any of the ways above and need a partner in your creative pursuits, check out

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Let’s get to work! 

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