"I’ve been reading your book about being creative and staying creative. I’m 58 years old soon to be 59 in July. I’m still trying to find ways to be creative. As a trumpet player, it’s hard sometimes, but reading this book has really help me a lot!! So I say thank you! I am moving forward so much with the music, and beginning to create again!" - Manny Rodriguez

"Excellent newsletter Eric! I love the practical feel and connection to life that you bring to Psalm 1 and the principle of using one's talent for God - yet keeping our relationship with God as the main thing." - Michael Pfau, Christian Life Coach

"A great message with perfect timing!” -Tim

“I am now even more inspired by the fact that everyone gets doubts or hears whispers of "you're wasting your time", "you're not as good as so and so", "do you think God would do that for you?" It's very annoying but I've learned recently to let each whisper make me even more determined than ever to follow my faith! I am speaking the Word of God, over my voice and my musical talents...and everyday God shows me something new, even if it's a little something, it's always improving my voice and keeping me encouraged... Again thank you for the encouraging email...I will be on the lookout for the Creative Soul Newsletters..." - Tammy

"Eric - just wanted to say that was one of the most enlightening, thought-provoking, helpful, posts I've read in a long time (if ever!). Thanks." - Jeff

"I just want to say. THANK  YOU :)  I have been going through some trials in the last few weeks like I have never seen before and this word, like for so many others, was just for me.  I received the revelation knowledge of this word in JESUS Name and Pray for the one who God used to write it." - Patty

"Thanks Eric. Good timing. I needed the encouragement. Gosh, it gets tough. My prayers are with those who have ministries.  :)  Blessings." - Brookes

“The post "Flipping the Script" was my favorite, as it ran in sync with the last 10 years of my life. Thanks for being honest and speaking the truth. We need more voices doing that.” - The Rev. Jimmie Bratcher

“Thanks again for your encouraging words via your (For the Creative Soul) newsletter…they always seems to arrive just when I need to hear them most.” – James Harvey

“I feel more confident in my ministries and in who I am in general. I’m not sure where this all came from – it certainly wasn't something I expected to come out of our (consultation) meeting, but God does awesome and unexpected things, and I needed to let you know how he used you and our time together in a life changing way for me. I came away so encouraged…for my ministry, my music, my relationship with God, and my self-identity.” - Cheryl Esposito, Songwriter/Singer, Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks for all that you do. Your teachings have helped my wife and me in a major way. Your wait and pray 30-day teaching has helped us BIG TIME. We have shared it with others and they too have been blessed. You are a gift, from the Lord, to the body of Christ. Blessings!” – Chuck Gleason

"Eric, this was SO encouraging. TODAY I'm in the very valley you speak of, wondering if I'm doing what God wanted. I took a huge step of faith a few months ago in taking on Full-time music ministry, and now wondering if I made the right move! Thank you for allowing me to know I'm not the only one who goes through this roller coaster ride! Thank you and God Bless!!" - Chris Hayle

"Eric, Your blogs are like a breath of fresh air! Thanks for the renewed motivation!" - Barbara

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