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"For the Creative Soul" is a free service presented by Cre8iv Entertainment, Inc., meant to enrich and inspire artists, musicians, songwriters, dancers, actors or anyone who uses their creative talents in the arts.

We're all creative souls trying to find out where God has for us to go and how to get there. WE just need some encouragement and ideas along the way to keep going. That's exactly what For the Creative Soul is all about.

About the Writer:

Eric Copeland is a keyboardist, singer, composer, arranger, producer, author, graphic designer, and many more creative hats he wears everyday.

He works regularly in Nashville, TN and Orlando, FL leading creatives toward their artistic goals.

More than Music
Eric seeks to serve God through building creatives to their potential, and helping to grow these artists through education, community, and the combined experience of all the artists and creative folks who benefit from what we do.

His clients have included music artists, songwriters, authors, churches, businesses, and other individuals seeking to lead a more creative life.

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For specific questions on using your other creative talents, whether you're a musicians, painter, dancer, sculptor, author, designer, poet, photographer, or whatever God has given you to do creatively, email Eric directly at forthecreativesoul@gmail.com

About the Author

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Eric Copeland is an author, producer, keyboardist, songwriter, and president of Creative Soul Companies. What is Creative Soul? Our main goals are to inform, encourage, and assist Christian creative folks in ministry, no matter where they are in their journey. Thanks for reading! Find out more about us at http://www.CreativeSoulOnline.com