Monday, July 06, 2020

The Joy of Creating

There’s often not a lot to be joyful about in this world these days. Your Facebook feed is jammed with differing viewpoints. The “stats” and opinions on what is happening around you are at times frightening and idiotic.

But we creatives have a refuge from this madness. And we are at our best when creating or sharing creative projects.

It’s Our Joy

Sometimes creating can be a labor of love, or there can be complications from making or sharing your art. But we have to remember the pure joy it brings us and others.

We could all use a little more joy right about now.

The feeling when you get to a dramatic or meaningful part of the music...

The release when the song is done and it has made it’s impact...

The great pleasure of hearing someone was soothed, healed, changed, or just given a brief break from a sometimes harsh reality that won’t go away as quickly as we would like.

Joy for Yourself

Making it can be tedious, but it’s also that thing that keeps you in your happy place. Yes, some people don’t understand how much work goes on to create something. 

But still, it’s exciting to think about...wonderful to dig into and the hours fly by...and an incredible release when it is done and ready to share with the world.

Joy for Others

One thing we have learned through these crazy times: we need diversion. We need something to take our minds off the crazy for just a a little while and bring peace.

Our music, our art, our videos, they bring content that people can use right now! Joy in a sometimes joyless world.

Whether you are the creator, or in any way can support creators, you bring joy to yourself, the creator, (the Great Creator), and the world.

Be part of bringing that joy to the world. 

Have a great week!

John Eric Copeland is a composer, producer, and lifer creative. His companies work unceasingly on creating joy for others through musical and visual art.

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If you would like to work on a piece of music with John Eric Copeland, check out “The Masterscore Initiative” at, our new site for commissioning new music in any genre including gospel, classical, jazz, pop, and holiday.

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