Tuesday, March 17, 2020

While You're Waiting...

We are terrible at standing still. Especially those of us who are creative and always on the go.

Yes, the world around you may be forcing you to come to a dead stop, keeping you at home, bored out of your mind.

But think of this time...like a Christmas break. The world naturally comes to a stand still then. You are off or home from work.

Yes, you may find yourself shut down, off work, and otherwise twiddling your thumbs while the world gets back to normal. No school, work, sporting events, amusement parks, or social gatherings to keep you busy running from here to there?

So while you are waiting for the world to get back to normal, and instead of reading every scary news item by scared people meant to shock you into reading their article of fear, might I suggest...

Use this Break!

Instead of cowering in fear and running from store to store to make sure you have enough like a snowstorm or hurricane is coming...what about this?

Maybe it’s time to get back to that creative project you’ve been putting off because you haven’t had a moment to spare. Perchance life has finally slowed down and allowed (forced?) you to get busy on that new song, album, painting, novel, or whatever creative project you do, or have wanted to do.

Time is Precious

This is usually our cry and excuse as to why we don’t finish projects. “There’s no time!!”

“Gotta take the kids to basketball,  soccer, baseball, whatever practice...”

“We have Disney tickets!”

“The Final Four, man!!”

Well, at least for the next few weeks many of those things that suck up your time are not available to you.

Your school, your job, and your various other usual obligations are all cancelled or suspended.

Use this time wisely. You are being forced to slow down, to re-evaluate how you spend your day. And if you get off the news and social media sites that only want to endlessly tell you how bad things are, you’ll have even more time!

Beat Distraction

We have an enormous opportunity to conquer the distractions that usually keep us from starting, continuing, or completing creative things. If you are a creative, this should be like a breath of fresh air for you.

Instead of worrying, or replying to other people worrying, or playing either side of why it’s worse or better than what “they” are saying...use this time to get away from all the distractions that usually plague us, and really get back into your creations.

Use your artistic skills. Stretch out. Make this a peaceful time of therapeutic, creative work.

Stay away from Facebook, the bad news, and other stories reveling in yet another unbelievable stat or sensational story about what is happening.

Silently thank God for the quiet that has been forced upon you, and get something done.

Have a great break!

John Eric Copeland is a composer, producer, and author who is trying his best to NOT look at news, Facebook, and anything else that may pull us down into the muck of this dreary time. Instead he's focusing on his creative to-do list and trying to check off items.

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