Monday, December 07, 2020

Get It Done!

So, you’ve waited all year. 

This was going to be the year to get that song done, that project done. But then...COVID, or work, or whatever else happened.

But, there is still time to get moving on what you felt you needed to do creatively in 2020.

No Time Like the Present

Yes, during a pandemic! Yes, during the holidays. Get. It. Done.

“Procrastination is the thief of time.” - Edward Young

You can keep waiting, and wake up and realize you never got that song done, or recorded that single, or even sent an email that could change the direction of your life.

The pandemic has given us all great excuses on why we don’t pursue our dreams. But college students, artists, writers, and virtually everyone else has found a way to keep doing what they need to do to move forward. (I’ll spare you the Walt Disney “keep moving forward” quote. But keep moving forward!!)

Reach Out

The first move is the easiest. It’s a dang email. It’s a call. It’s making a date at the studio.

Representatives are standing by!

Seriously, has there ever been a time to not only get work done yourself, but also give business to those who can help you?

Go through old emails, do internet searches for producers or publishers or whoever is who you need to help you. Then get in touch!

Put Forth the Effort

It’s turning on the computer, or keyboard, getting out the guitar, turning the page to an empty canvas, or stretching to practice your dance fundamentals, or making a video of what you do.

Make something happen by working on it.

Even one new song idea, one new drawing started, one new dance move, one new chapter on that book. Just ONE thing done can make a difference when you can look back at this wretched year and say, “I still moved forward. Despite a worldwide real-life sci-fi nightmare, I created. I made progress!”

Change Lanes

Been a music artist for a long time and not seeing the results? Maybe it’s time to focus on songs that can bring real return.

Conversely, maybe you’ve only written songs and would like to explore your artist side? It’s possible, at any age, to build that artist brand and let the world see it.

Ever thought you’d rather be part of the business side of music? Maybe it’s time to step over into the executive producer and publishing side of music. This is a way to be part of the creative process and find income and return.

Ending the Year Strong

As I write this, it’s the beginning of December. That means I have just under a month and a few days to get more done this year. More songs, more contacts, more projects finished up (or dreamed up!)

I plan to use that time. How about you?

"For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning." - T.S. Eliot

Have a great rest of the year!


Eric Copeland is a composer and lifelong creative who, even in a pandemic year, just finsihed a graduate recital for a master’s in composition, re-ignited a music company providing music for film and TV libraries, and works weekly for 20+ artists, songwriters, and other creatives helping them keep creating and moving forward during all this. All this was done in the pandemic-laden, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year of 2020.

Consider contacting one of our companies below to keep moving this year and into 2021!

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