How to Live a Creative Life

The new book For the Creative Soul in all of us!

15 years in the making, this book covers all the phases of living a creative life.

How to Get Creative

The How, the What and most importantly, the Why! 12 lessons on how to be more creative in your life.

How to Get Better

The next steps, how to get past mediocrity, and get where you want to be. 10 steps to get there, including how I got there.

How to Live Creative

You're creative sure, but what about the rest of the world. 10 ways to help you deal with your creativity in regards to your your family, friends, and the daily grind.

How to Succeed as a Creative

What is success for us artistic types? We dive deep with a dozen lessons on defining what success is for you, and then how to achieve it.

How to Work Creative

Now the hard part, how do you make a career out of being creative? And do you really want to put your financial and family's future in the balance by making a living as a creative?

My Story

Each chapter includes a closing lesson that I learned in actually doing this through 40 years of wandering, wondering, waning, and winning as a creative soul.

As far back as I remember, I have always searched through bookstores (both real and now online too) for books that could lead me to new vistas of creativity. Whether it was a music book, a creative devotional, a business book, or whatever, I always rejoiced when I found that book I could dig into and let it speak to me. It was (and still is) a treasure hunt to find a new resource that can get me thinking new thoughts, trying new things, and feed my creative soul.

My hope is this will be that kind for book for you.

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  1. Congratulations on the completion of another dream and a BIG thank you for putting your journey in print form so we can glean from it. Though I really appreciate the wisdom of writers of the past who have long since passed away, I am even more grateful when I can read something from another human being who is still working away at their dreams—currently. Thanks, Eric.

  2. Way go Eric, Congratulations on your book! It truly puts everything in perspective for those of us who look to be creative. You not only talk the talk, you play the music, help build dreams and visions. But you continue to show by example it is possible it is possible to be Creative Soul!


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