Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Your First, Best Destiny

“If I may be so bold, it was a mistake for you to accept promotion. Commanding a starship is your first, best destiny; anything else is a waste of material.” - Spock to Admiral James T. Kirk (Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan)
Yes I just started a blog about creative life with a Star Trek quote. But it’s so applicable, I couldn’t resist.

All the time, both as a creative and as a leader of creatives, I have been or see what I feel are very talented people not accomplishing all that they could.

I was once one of these very people, and still can be if I’m not careful.

So how do you move towards and even reach your first, best destiny?

The (Not Quite) Undiscovered Country

The funny thing about destiny is that we kind of already know, especially once we reach a certain age, what that thing we are supposed. Everyone says it, our friends wonder why we’re not doing it, and we even know what we should be focusing our time on and doing with our talents.

You may be doing part of it now. Maybe you use your creative talents some, but know there is more you could be doing.

The Final Frontier

Many things come along that prevent us from doing that thing we know we are supposed to do. Maybe it’s a spouse, or parent, or illness, or a job (even a creative one). It could be all these things that limit your ability to move forward.

The hard part is finding a way through these limitations for what you know you should be doing.

Now this is tricky, because it can “feel” like ending a relationship, leaving a job, or some other big life change is what you need to do. Often, it’s just figuring out how to talk to your spouse, or boss, or pastor, and find a way forward towards the next step of your creative journey.

The Time Trap

Your time on this earth to do what you were put here to do is not unlimited. One word that keeps coming back to me these days is “legacy“. How do we leave our mark of creativity, leadership, and change that God put us here to make? How, in the finite amount of time you have left on this earth, do you achieve the creative destiny you were meant for when you were created?

Your legacy isn’t about you, it’s about the people your creativity reached, taught, led, and the influence you had in leading people.

Tomorrow is Yesterday

Each new sunrise provides a new possible day to do what you were put here to do. You can continue to go to work in a job that makes money and helps put bread on the table. But you also need to be making strides towards that creative destiny that could also put bread on the table, or at least be a bigger part of your life as you do work.

Don't let your next day be like your last where nothing got done towards your dream. Make today and tomorrow count on your trek to your creative goals. (He is really going for it with the Star Trek references...)

The Wrath of Not

OK maybe wrath is a little strong but it matches the theme. The only cure for regret when you look back on your life, is to have known you did all you could with all the tools God gave you.

Whatever you feel your destiny was, is, or should be, try your best today to achieve it, or at least make a step towards it. Make that call, email that person, take that class, or find the opportunity to get your creative work or leadership out there.

Be who you were made to be. Anything else is a waste of material.

Live long and prosper (creatively),

Yes, Eric Copeland is a Star Trek fan. A Trekkie, a Trekker, and he has the collectibles to prove it (which are now on sale here by the way). if you have questions about your next move creatively, get in touch now and let tomorrow be today, and not yesterday...or something.

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