Monday, June 18, 2018

Asking vs. Wishing

“Life punishes the vague wish and rewards the specific ask.”

Most of us have a vague wish that our music, our art, our films, or whatever we do creatively will be consumed and appreciated. Maybe we will even be remunerated for our creative endeavors. Money! For nothing! And the chicks for free!

But we have this fear that if we come out and ask someone to purchase a CD, or hire us for a show, or tell people why our art is important, we will be repudiated. (How about these 10-cent words eh?)

In general, the quote above is true. Have you ever noticed the person who speaks up, who asks for what they want, generally gets it? While we meek, polite sheep waiting for what we want end up standing in the corner, meekly hoping for the things we really want.

Once in New York City, I was hoping for a table, as we had purchased some deli food in a busy mall and there was literally no where to sit. We ended up eating standing up by the condiments station. (The food was so good!) As we were finishing, I noticed a young native New Yorker who had just ordered his food walk up to a table (that was just sitting there talking, clearly finished) and asking if they were done. They said, oh, yes, and he got the table.

He asked specifically, while we just "hoped" a table would empty.

“The squeeky wheel gets the grease.”

Like it or not, you and I live in a world where action and forwardness get results. The customer who frequently reminds the business of their issue, or their needs, gets attention. While the person who got less than great service, but who doesn’t want to appear greedy or ungrateful, says nothing...and gets nothing.

I often tell clients who say they don’t want to bother bother me! I can’t know they need something or want something or have a concern unless they say so.

In a similar way, I have no idea if you are needing help with your talents somewhere out there in the world if you never email, call, or somehow get in touch. It takes action to get things going people.

Now I’m not saying that we need to be jerks to get our art out there. But we do need to be aggressive and forward, which can be done without being a jerk or bothersome. It just takes consistency, focus, and simply specifically asking for what we want.

“I learned this, at least, by my experiment; that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours..” - Henry David Thoreau

Have a great week!

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