Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Secret to Lasting Success

I'll reveal the secret right here in the first paragraph. You don't have to scan down or read to the end (although you should…really).

The secret to lasting to just hang in there.

And a collective roll of the eyes and sigh comes from the blog readers…but it's true.

One of the reasons I continue to have work, I'm sure of it, is I am still around. Still findable on search engines. Still reachable by phone (well mostly). Still at it.

I've had past friends and clients call for the last 20 years saying, "Do you till do the recording stuff? Im ready to make that album now." And guess what, I AM still doing it. AND I get the work.

What does that mean to you the songwriter, artist, musician, or other kind of creative person? Keep on. Keep at it. Keep working hard at your craft. The end.

There is no stopping. No break. No "well, I guess no one's listening so I'll just quit. Who will care?"

God will care. The world will care. Especially when that one person needs your particular art. That could be the difference between eternal life and death.

And you will care. Whether you feel like it today or not, you DO want to have lasting success in your art.

Yeah, it's hard. Yeah, it's maddening. Yeah you burn out and wonder why you just don't hang it up.

But you can't. The difference between you and someone who does something like you, is they will likely quit and move on to some other hobby like crochet or basket-weaving. But you will continue to hone your talents and find new ways to use them. And YOU will be there when the world calls looking for what you do.

The first time I contacted Grammy-winning engineer Ronnie Brookshire, I asked him if he was available to work on my projects, and he said "Once you start doing this kind of thing, you really can't get away from it." He meant that it's just part of who he is. The kind of skill and talent he has just doesn't get put on a shelf. It's available…always.

"Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies in my tenacity." - Louis Pasteur

I can echo this quote. The reason I have more work than many of my contemporaries; the reason I get more done in an hour than most; the reason I get better as a producer, artist, and musician:

I work at it. Every day. Something. And I keep on the straight and narrow creative path while I watch other folks start new businesses that take them away from their primary business or talent. Others see that too, and see that I am concentrating on what they need.

When others see that in you, then you will be seen as a great, lasting talent. They will see success modeled in you because you stay the course, and keep working hard at your craft.

"Accomplishment and success are often the result of commitment and perseverance rather than skill or talent." - George Van Valkenburg

Have a great week!

Eric Copeland is a producer, author, composer, and yes, is still doing it after 35 plus years. Hey what else would he do? For more information on his company check out

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